Keado Mores, is a Hard N' Heavy band, founded by Nektarios Poulakos (Nek Mores) in August 2009. After recording the demos for the pre-production in 2009-2010, under the guidance of Bob Katsionis (Firewind,Outloud,Solo,Serius Black), Keado Mores have completed in 2012 the final concept for their first album, "The Secret Path Of Life" which released in November of 2012 from Metal Breed (U.S.A.).
In 2015 the band decided to re-mixed & re-master the debut album "The Secret Path of Life" with new recorded vocals,new production and new mix/master to eliminate some technical issues in the first cd format.Now all tracks from the album are available for free streaming in


Nektarios Poulakos: Vocals/Guitars
Ntinos Papas: Guitars
Giorgos Vlachos: Bass
Mavra Rompoti Poulakos: Keyboards

Record Label: Metal Breed USA (2012-2015)

Influences: Judas Priest, Dio, Queensryche, Royal Hunt, Evergrey, Gotthard, e.t.c